Here is my interview with Patricia Puddle

Thank you for the interview, Fiona McVie.


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Name: Patricia Puddle

Age: As old as I feel J

Where are you from?

Originally from Scunthorpe in England, but moved to Sydney, Australia with my family at the age of twelve.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc

Due to childhood illnesses at the age of six and seven, I missed school a lot and got behind in my lessons. There was also a bully of a teacher at the Primary School I went to, and unfortunately I became one of her victims for three long years. I leaned very little at school and so I fell between the cracks. Years later, this teacher was banned from teaching after injuring a child.

When I moved to Australia, my mother became ill, and as my father had to work long hours, I left school at the age of fourteen to help look after my younger siblings…

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