Ominous Angel (Book 2) Ominous Series

Ominous Angel (Book 2) Ominous Series

Ominous Angel (Book 2) will be soon be released. (Book One) Ominous Love is available on Amazon, Smashwords and other online websites. Also available as a paperback.

When two angels fall for the same teenage girl, they battle from Heaven to Hell to win her heart.

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My Work in Progress

My Work in Progress

This is one of many new stories I’m working on. Can’t wait to publish this one. It’s a comedy/ horror, sort of. Not really sure what category to place this weird story in, but I hope it gives the readers a good laugh. The book cover was created by Patti Roberts. Here is her link:

The 777 Writer’s Challenge


My writer friend H.H. Laura has challenged our group to the 777 Writer’s Challenge. First June Bourgo did the challenge, so now it’s my turn.

We have to take seven sentences from page seven or seventy-seven and post them on our blog. Then post links to all the other writer’s in the challenge. So here I go: My seven sentences from Ominous Love.

Page Seven:

He wraps his arms around my waist and gives me his doe-eyed look. “I’m sorry, babe, I don’t know what came over me. Honestly.”

“You’re full of shit,” I say, pushing him away. “You’re a jerk, so don’t try your ‘sorry babe’ crap on me.” I thunder down the stairs and slam out the door. No way am I letting him drive me home. Who knows what he’ll do.

Page Seventy Seven:

I hold my hands out. “But where were you? I found you on the beach stark naked …. Crap. Who were you with? Her?”

The smirk returns to his face. “I’m not discussing my love life with you.”

That’s it. I stamp on his foot. “No? But, you didn’t mind letting me fall in love with you, did you?”


Okay, now it’s my pals turn. Here are their links:

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